Why Abantu Haven?

Why Abantu Haven?


” I am because we all are” –


We created this platform because we needed a place to connect, we needed a place as people of color, as Africans spread around the world, which was by us and for us. We needed a place to find each other and know of each other’s knowledge and skills so we can create together. The closest thing to heaven for us, can start with this digital haven. So that´s what this is:

A place to find each other, to connect with each other, share knowledge, to collaborate with one another, to build communities, build projects, events, build each other up and to support each other. That´s what our dream is for this platform, and we hope to grow as it grows. There is nothing perfect here, just a people doing their best, supporting each other, learning together and wishing for the best for each other and our future as a people. That is the Ubuntu spirit and that is what we wish for here.

Social Wishes & Guidelines:

  • This platform seeks to become a place for empowerment and unity building.
  • We are welcoming of all diverse forms that blackness comes in; spirituality, sexuality, gender and perspectives. Anything that wishes to have a positive impact on us as a people since such a space is really needed.
  • We don´t have to agree on everything but we become much stronger working together than apart.
  • We welcome diversity and seek to build bridges across our differences, bridges towards black unity all around the world. Connecting cultures, countries, lifestyles, visions and contributions.
  • We aim for sustainable community building and pro-blackness, always.
  • We want people to come on this platform to seek compassion and understanding, to find family, find home.
  • We hope that you will be willing to contribute to that atmosphere and vision here, because it requires all of us to contribute to that.
  • We are glad to have you here

Welcome to Abantu Haven and may it be of benefit, to you and all of us

With love to you all

May and Peace